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a person who understood our business"

"A collaborative and supportive approach enabling

us to focus on some real service improvements"

“staff were professional, courteous and

working together was really enjoyable”

“Impressively thorough work which

helped us to get back on track”

Latest success

We are proud to have been finalists at the APSE service award for the Best Commercialisation and Entrepreneurship Initiative 2019.

Three hundred and twenty Councils can enter these awards and One West was one of just eight shortlisted in its category.

Our submission was based on our support for schools and others in response to GDPR legislation.

The challenge of meeting GDPR was substantial not just for large organisations but for small and medium sized businesses and we are proud to say One West was right there to help.

We worked with the Education and Care sectors to develop a service offer that would deliver not just VFM but be a positive contribution to social value.

By combining the principles of good governance across our services we were able to assist over 200 new clients ensuring their compliance. We were also able to make surpluses able to be invested in other services of value.

We are continuing to work with these clients supporting both their GDPR needs and other types of need met by our range of specialist professional services.

We would like to pass congratulations to the winners in what we were advised was a close run contest and a difficult category to decide.

Our Ethos

We provide excellent value for money for our customers with expertise working with government bodies, educationcharities and care providers.

We have a skilled and experienced workforce and are constantly growing our business to encompass more services to a broader range of clients.

Our service is known for quality, and we aim to be a valued and trusted partner to our clients putting customer need first.

We want to provide distinctive, innovative services that make life easier for our customers, helping them to get the outcomes they need.

This means we can be a positive contributor to local communities and the public sector and helps us to remain sustainable for long term support of our clients.

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