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We are passionate about our subject and feel strongly about the impact on individuals, families and communities of the sort of issues they face with data protection, cyber security and fraud.

We want to work with our customers and others so they understand the inter relationships between a range of practices which help organisations to thrive even in an ever changing environment.

1. Newsletters – our periodic publications with interesting subject matter.



  • Cyber Security – understanding basic threats
  • Data protection Officer – top tips
  • Subject Access Requests – what you need to know




  • Business Continuity – why its important
  • Data Protection – do’s and don’ts
  • Data Breaches and how to identify them

2. Podcasts – for convenience our podcasts are in MP3 format. Just click the link to play.

Cyber Security – the basics.

Cyber Security is a large and increasing risk. Hear what we have to say about the main risks and how to approach them.

Business Continuity – why so important?

Business Continuity Planning pays off when things go wrong. Listen in to hear how it does that and how to make a start.

Fraud Prevention

Fraud is an under estimated issue in our organisations – find out why, how it happens and what to look for.

GDPR – what is it all about?

GDPR and Data Protection has been one of the hottest topics over the last two years. Get an overview of what it is about and how it works.

3. Latest Blogs – read what we have to say about what matters in our industry.

October 2019 РPersonal Data РToo much too young?

GDPR legislation in the UK is doing a good job of reinforcing good practice in data protection. Good news -but where do our children sit in this?

This blog explores the imperative right now of young people understanding and asserting their data protection rights. Just click the link to view.

Personal data – too much too young?